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50 лет компании Bowers and Wilkins

25 ноября 2016

Bowers & Wilkins co-founder John Bowers said “if you build a better product, people will buy it.” This ethos has been a driving force behind the company’s innovation throughout its 50 year history.

Beginning in the back of an electrical shop in Worthing, West Sussex in England, Bowers & Wilkins has continuously been at the pinnacle of audio performance. From the company’s first commercial product, the P1 loudspeaker, through to the latest products in the Bowers & Wilkins range, design and acoustic performance have remained at the cutting edge.

As part of the 50 year celebrations, Bowers & Wilkins have released the P9 Signature headphones and the 800 D3 loudspeaker, with both products representing half a century of research and engineering.

The P9 Signature, which the company says are “its best sounding and most luxurious headphone to date”, are constructed with top quality materials including Italian Saffiano leather.

“P9 Signature delivers a unique superior sound quality experience as it benefits from new, in-house developed technologies that provide precision at high frequencies and astonishing bass for the ultimate sound experience,” Bowers & Wilkins said.

The company is further celebrating 50 years with the curation of the 50 best sounding albums, with Bowers & Wilkins sound engineers, staff and company partners contributing albums ranging from Miles Davis’ 1959 hit Kind of Blue to lesser known albums like Darkside’s 2013 release Psychic.

A hardcover book will also be released, covering the history of the brand, its products and its staff.

More information on the 50th anniversary of Bowers & Wilkins can be found at bowers-wilkins.com/50years. The company is running a free gift promotion until the end of January for buyers who spend $2000 or more on selected products.